Past mdcm3002 videos

This is a list of some work produced by previous mdcm3002 students;

Collusion by Essy Knopf

Heartland by Essy Knopf

Hired Help by Kevin Sarkin

Molly the mouse by Adam Bourke

What are ya buyin? by Jack Ngu

Clare Andreallo

Dirt Bag by John Bogiatzis

What makes men blush? by Emma Maye Gibson


4 Responses to Past mdcm3002 videos

  1. creaturefeed says:

    How did they achieve the effects in ‘Hired Help’?

  2. fastore says:

    Hired Help used the photoshop sketch filters to do the backgrounds, some of which are keyframeable in afterEffects to get the grainy look. The main character was shot against a chromakey background.

  3. J says:

    Great to see my work here Fabian!
    you should call me on to your next shoot or project~

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