Horror, Come Darkness

A new exhibition I’m showing in at the Macquarie University Art Gallery;

Horror invitation1Horror invitation2

Dates: From Thursday 24 September to Wednesday 11 November 2009

Curators: Rhonda Davis & John Potts
    Effy Alexakis
    Fabian Astore
    Liam Benson
    Drew Bickford
    Stephen Birch
    Andrew Browne
    Penny Byrne
    Matt Coyle
    Mark Davis
    Christopher Hanrahan
    Louise Hearman
    Sam Leach
    Alasdair Macintyre
    VR Morrison
    Alex Proyas
    Darren Sylvester
    Tim Silver
    Jelena Telencki
    Monika Tichacek
    Pete Volich

    Horror, Come Darkness explores the genre of horror as an emotional state for its encapsulating effects of fear, suspense and the irrational – where the manifestation of darkness can transform reality into the threatening, the unfamiliar, the unknown and the unknowable. Tormented creatures, monsters, spectral beings, the living dead camouflaged within nocturnal landscapes all recall an indeterminate evil that looms just under the surface of existence.

    Horror, Come Darkness will feature contemporary artists using cinematic effects, literary sources and technological visualisation, painting, stills, installation, and video and sound devices, for effecting the simulation of horror.

    Linked to popular culture, horror has become – for many – the ultimate adrenalin rush. Inducing mind-altering states, the spectacle of horror manifests itself as a means of escapism from the everyday.

    Horror, Come Darkness will create a psychological drama with a number of works that encompass theatrical atmospheric lighting and sound effects – a world inhabited by the detritus, lonely bushland, marshes, tunnels, chambers, isolated highways, graveyards, abandoned buildings, immersing the spectator from within.


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